The Philosophy and History of Molecular Biology: New Perspectives

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In particular they are often unaware of the mathematical subtleties of models of population genetics, what they do and do not allow. For instance, how many molecular biologists know that, if selection is occurring on a trait controlled by two genes loci located on the same chromosome there is linkage , natural selection does not always increase the mean fitness of the population? It seems almost self-contradictory but is a mathematical result that undercuts many creationist arguments about optimization.

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So, by engaging molecular biology, creationists like Behe can pretend to work at the frontiers of science while evolutionary biologists are presented as old-fashioned naturalists following a 19th-century icon called Darwin. Turning to the postgenomic situation, we have a potential problem. The organization and behavior of the genome has dealt many surprises, for instance, a lack of correlation between genome size and organismic complexity, massive alternative splicing of RNA in many species, the uneven organization of the human genome.

For these, at least, we have some evolutionary stories though they are no more than stories at this stage. But molecular biologists are doing even less now than what they once did. We have work to do. Or we may end up with creationists in our own back yard. New York: Oxford University Press. New York: W. New York: Cliff Street Books.

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The Biology and History of Molecular Biology: New Perspectives

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Contemporary Debates in the Philosophy of Biology : A Historical Review

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