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You can:.

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To keep yourself on track with payments and to avoid something as unpleasant as going into default, try following a budget. After reflecting on the possible harm, does that change how you feel about whether the pranks were right or wrong? After each description, add increasingly serious, possible consequences that may have resulted from the pranks, e.

Ask them how they would react if they had been the victim of these pranks. Consider the relationship between pranks like John describes and school violence today. When John was a child, there was considerably more tolerance for pranks of all kinds, yet serious violence in schools and among American youth in general was very rare. Today, that situation is reversed. Why might that be?

Both get worse and have to be admitted to institutions. John shares autistic characteristics that others have criticized staring, not looking others in the eye, bobbing , and attends a support group for troubled teens. John meets and learns outdoor skills from Paul, a Vietnam veteran living in the woods. How did others view these characteristics?


What would you have done, and why? Character vs.

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Then discuss each characteristic as a function of character or of development. In small groups, invite the students to discuss times when their behavior has been judged as willful, when in fact it was something they could not control. How would you have felt in his place? Truth or Lie: Invite members of the class to share three things about themselves, two of which are true, and one of which is false. Invite them to read their stories to each other and try to determine whether the stories are true or false.

Little Bear tells John she never wants to see him again. John is crushed. She refuses to talk to him. John and his father stop seeing Dr. John becomes more involved in the music business. What were the risks involved in operating the homemade furnace? Did John and his friend consider those risks before operating the furnace? No one was hurt, but what might have happened? Do you think it was a good or bad decision for John and his father to stop seeing Dr.

In small groups, invite students to share the reasons that relationships come to an end. Discuss with the large group things that John and Little Bear might have done differently to preserve their relationship. He accompanies the band to Montserrat, and does not enjoy himself because of the many changes in his routine, diet, etc. He is arrested with the band for drug possession, but is eventually released.

John returns to the States, and grows more confident with his engineering skills, but still has no confidence when it comes to relationships. Describe how your first year away from home will be. What are some things you can do now to prepare for that time? How did those same characteristics protect him from some of the risky behaviors exhibited by the others who were with him? John is hired by a national sound company, and designs original sound systems for big name bands like Pink Floyd. Name the three top music acts today. What would you have done differently than John did with the band?

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John had tremendous success in spite of his challenges. Share an accomplishment of yours that you achieved in spite of obstacles or difficulties. This was an idyllic time for John: doing an important job, being in love, and not having to worry about his family. Invite students to share stories of carefree times they may have experienced in their lives. He feels he fits in better, as he sees the rockers as misfits like himself.

Even though John was exceptionally gifted in his ability to design special effects guitars, he was terrified they would fail. Talk about a school project you did that was creative and innovative. In small groups, invite the students to describe the group of people with whom they feel most comfortable.

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What are some positive ways that John cares for Varmint? How has it changed? How is it the same?

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Sibling Scenarios: Invite students to write short stories describing times when they were helpful to their siblings. Or for those who have no siblings, cousins or other relatives or friends. What characteristics might make it easier? What activities do you participate in that make you feel scared or thrilled? How do you think John felt when everything worked perfectly at the concerts? Invite students, one at a time, to pick a slip, read aloud the occupation, and to share the wonderful things that can happen when things go well in that job, and the horrible things that can happen when things go wrong.

Include occupations such as high school principal, producer of a live television show, and the President of the United States.

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  6. He then waves the gun in the air to let the people at the pool know everything is alright. John, expecting thanks, is surprised when the hotel manager calls the sheriff, but it turns out that the sheriff approves of what John did, to the chagrin of the manager. How would it have impacted him if his guitars had failed to work?

    Allow half the class to argue from the perspective of the hotel manager, and the other from the perspective of the sheriff. Consider how society has changed in the years since John had the experiences he wrote about. Discuss what might happen if young people today tried some of the things John did. Are the changes in society now for better, or worse, and why? He installs sound and light systems in nightclubs to make ends meet. John gets his first real job designing video games, which he likes better than working in the club scene. The state of his parents continues to decline: his father from alcoholism, his mother from mental illness.

    Which of the three jobs that John describes in this chapter did he like the best? Share some jobs that you have had. What were the positive and negative characteristics of each job? Which would be more important to you in a job: excitement or stability? Which was more important to John? Explore with the class which of the three jobs they would prefer to have and why. John has difficulty dealing with some people, and distrusts those who are courteous. In his new job designing video games, with whom did John get along well?

    Whom did he distrust? Have you ever had a difficult time getting along with others with whom you had to work on a project?