Easy WordPress Tutorial For Beginners: WordPress Handbook With Screen Shots

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I encourage but do not require students to use their full names.

How to Make a WordPress Website in 12222 – The Ultimate DIY Guide

Add a descriptive title, type or paste in your content, and check the correct category listed in the syllabus for each assignment for your post to appear in the proper place on the class website and earn credit. To encourage others to read your post, copy its unique web address on the public front-end and circulate via email, social media, or as a link on your resume.

When I assign a maximum word count for a web essay, always check the WordPress indicator, which may vary from your word processor. You may wish to add anchor links to help readers navigate in longer multi-part essays, such as this sample: Jump to the Profile section.

Add an intro video to your WordPress plugin readme

You also could do this inside a header tag h1, h2, etc. Next, select some text and insert a hashtag link such as profile that matches your anchor link, like this:.

Before inserting an image, make sure you have the rights to include it and credit the original source. Credit all sources in the Insert Media pop-up window.

To edit or remove an existing image, float the cursor over the upper-left corner and click the edit or delete icons. Sometimes the best way to credit a image source is to insert a link inside the caption, which you may need to code manually. When uploading your media, write a simple HTML link tag in your caption in this format:. How to insert a linked caption for source credits.

Credit the video source immediately below the link, like this:. Paste the YouTube link and credit the video source below. YouTube video with start time in minutes and seconds. On the Media Library screen, make sure that bottom-right corner points to its media link. To embed an external PDF that resides elsewhere on the web: In the WordPress editor, shift from the Visual to Text tab, and manually insert the shortcode in this format:. See additional setting options such as display height, etc.

What you will find is a simple, easy to read WordPress manual that will guide you through the process of editing your site content. Just simple, easy to read content sprinkled with helpful screenshots.

If you really want to get the most out of it though, for not much more than a cup of your favourite coffee, you can get the mobile optimised version or a brandable version. The Easy WP Guide gives you all the information you need on updating your WordPress site, in simple easy to read language. The brandable WordPress manual is designed for WordPress consultants to give to clients as a form of training under a license intended for use by freelancers and small studios. If you're a hosting company or training organisation looking for commercial licensing please get in touch to discuss custom options.

For more information on the usage, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions. I create websites that are easy-to-use, intuitive… and beautiful. I discovered WordPress in — and it was love at first sight. I immersed myself in the WordPress community and began creating my own themes and plugins.

Instead, give them a copy of my popular WordPress manual and in simple, easy to read language, you can teach your clients how to use their new WordPress website. Download My Account Checkout 0 Items. There are many ways to learn WordPress. The WordPress.

How to Create A Video That Gets You More WordPress Plugin Downloads

And of course, there are books. In fact, there are LOTS of books. But what are the best books? Which are the ones to read for your level? Read on…. WordPress is updated pretty often, and there can be significant changes between versions.

That goes double for WordPress plugins, which, in total, are updated nearly every day. This book takes you through the latest version of WordPress as opposed to many books that still reference older major versions , and it has been updated recently. It starts with the decision process to decide whether you want to host your own WordPress site and all the associated costs. It then continues to installation of the WordPress software, installation of a theme, and writing content.