Combinatorial Chemistry, Part B

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Solid phase synthesis of pyrazolines and isoxazolines with sodium benzenesulfinate as a traceless linker. Cellulose beads: A new versatile solid-support for microwaveassisted synthesis. Hofreiter, M.

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Ancient DNA. Sim, M. Solution-phase synthesis of a combinatorial thiohydantoin library.


Scicinski, J. The solid phase syntheses of a series of tri-substituted hydantoin ligands for the somatostatin SST 5 receptor. Dressman, B. Hanessian, S. Solution and solid phase synthesis of 5-alkoxyhydantoin libraries with a three-fold functional diversity. Stadlwieser, J. Combinatorial solid phase synthesis of structurally complex thiazolylhydantoines. Kim, S.

Solid phase synthesis of hydantoin library using a novel cyclization and traceless cleavage step. Lee, S. Preparation of resin-bound ketimines via transimination and its application in the synthesis of hydantoin libraries. Base-promoted solid phase synthesis of substituted hydantoins and thiohydantoins. Lin, M. Microwave-assisted traceless synthesis of thiohydantoin. An uncatalyzed cyclo-elimination process for the release of N3-alkylated hydantoins from solid phase: synthesis of novel isoxazoloimidazolidinediones.

Solid phase synthesis of novel heterocycles containing thiohydantoin and isoxazole rings. Roger, C. Clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of oxazolidinones. Mishra, K. One-Pot facile synthesis of carbohydrate derived oxazolodinethiones from sugar azido alcohols. Kifli, N. Holte, P. Buchstaller, H. Tetrahedron , , 54 , Tietze, L. A General and expedient method for the solid phase synthesis of structurally diverse 1-Phenylpyrazolone derivatives. Synlett , , Lepore, S. Studies on the synthetic compatibility of aryloxime linkers in the solid phase synthesis of 3-Aminobenzisoxazoles.

Boldi, A. Kolb, V. Alternative bases in the RNA world: The prebiotic synthesis of urazole and its ribosides.

Combinatorial Chemistry, Part B: Volume 369 (Methods in Enzymology)

Solid phase synthesis of 1,2,4-triazolidine-3,5-diones. Miyaura, N. Palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions of organoboron compounds. Phoon, C. Solid phase syntheses of 1,2,4-trisubstituted urazole and thiourazole derivatives. Hu, Y. Thomas, E. Synthesis and platelet aggregation inhibitory activity of 4,5-bis substituted -1,2,3-thiadiazoles. Jagtap, S. Heck reaction-State of the Art. Catalysts , , 7 , Kondo, Y. Photoinduced cyclorelease for condensed heteroaromatic synthesis.

McCormick, J. DeVita, R.

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Rowley, M. Sherlock, M. Solid phase combinatorial synthesis of 4-hydroxyquinolin-2 1H -ones. Liu, Y. Solid phase synthesis of 3- 5-arylpyridinyl hydroxycoumarins. Hong, B. Traceless Solid phase synthesis of heterosteroid framework. Szardenings, A.

Combinatorial chemistry and drug design

A simple procedure for the solid phase synthesis of diketopiperazine and diketomorpholine derivatives. Tetrahedron , , 53 , Gordon, D. Reductive alkylation on a solid phase: Synthesis of a piperazinedione combinatorial library. Iyer, M. Asymmetric catalysis of the strecker amino acid synthesis by a cyclic dipeptide. Kowalski, J. Solid phase synthesis of a diketopiperazine catalyst containing the unnatural amino acid S -Norarginine.

Literature Survey Part B: Combinatorial Chemistry and High‐Throughput Organic Synthesis

Mhaske, S. The chemistry of recently isolated naturally occurring quinazolinone alkaloids. Tetrahedron , , 62 , Smith, A.

An efficient solid phase synthetic route to 1,3-disubstituted 2,4 1H,3H -quinazolinediones suitable for combinatorial synthesis. Berst, F. Wang, H. Total synthesis of the fumiquinazoline alkaloids: Solid phase studies. Tiwari, V.

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Carbohydrate-based potential chemotherapeutic agents: Recent developments and their scope in future drug discovery. Carbohydrate-based Chemotherepeutics: A frontier in drug discovery and development. Studies Nat. Burchenal, J. Antileukemic effects of pseudoisocytidine, a new synthetic pyrimidine C-Nucleoside. Cancer Res. Schaeffer, H.

Nature , , , Cai, D. Synthesis of C-Nucleoside analogues: 2-[2- Hydroxymethyl -1,3-dioxolanyl]1, 3-thiazolecarboxamide and 2-[2- Mercaptometh- yl -1, 3-dioxolanyl] 1, 3-thiazolecarboxamide. Tripathi, R. Solid phase combinatorial synthesis of carbohydrate-containing ureas with four point diversity.

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Trends Carbohydr. Tewari, N. Synlett , , 11 , Schmidt, R. Anomeric-oxygen activation for glycoside synthesis: The trichloroacetimidate method. Zhu, X. New principles for glycoside-bond formation. Ito, Y. Solid phase oligosaccharide synthesis and related technologies. Manabe, S. Novel nitro wang type linker for polymer support oligosaccharide synthesis; Polymer supported acceptor. Synlett , , 9 , Ghosh, S.

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